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Mr Smith Talks Triathlon Episode 33 - 5 steps to improve your nutrition

10 Jul 2019: Nutrition changes of sound simple but they’re not always easy to make stick. Instead of trying to change everything at once just pick one thing and commit to doing to well for 3 weeks to build a new habit. We’ve got 5 different ideas for you to choose from..

Mr Smith Talks Triathlon Episode 32 - Mindset for racing

26 Jun 2019: Whether you are competing to win, or simply out there to complete and event, your mindset has a huge impact on the outcome. Make sure your mindset is aligned to your capabilities, prepare for the tough times, and create the race experience you want.

Episode 31 - Why you want a cycling power meter

19 Jun 2019: Cycling power meters are more affordable than ever, and give huge benefits in your triathlon training and racing - especially for busy athletes looking to get the most benefit out of your training. We explain what a power meter is, why you want one, and who should NOT buy one.

Episode 30 - Best diet for endurance athletes

12 Jun 2019: There is too much advice on the Internet about diet and nutrition for athletes. Hot topics come and go, companies are trying to sell you things, and there are a lot of confusing messages. So we compare 5 diets popular with endurance athletes, and tell you which is best - you may be surprised!

Episode 29 - Nutrition for Wuu2k

04 Jun 2019: Our Wellington squad is running an offroad marathon and ultra marathon (Wuu2k) in July. This episode gives nutrition advice for this event, but is also relevant for anyone doing longer  events like this.

Episode 28 - Become your own coach

22 May 2019: Coaches have a critical role in your sporting development. But not everyone has a coach, and your coach is not with you 24 x 7. So you also need to be your own coach. Ask yourself the relevant questions, monitor your progress, and make decisions on the go.

Episode 27 - Rebuilding fitness

15 May 2019:Rebuilding fitness after a layoff can feel like a struggle. Coach Gerrard is going through that process right now so shares his experiences so far, and has tips for anyone else going through the same. “It won’t happen overnight but it will happen”.

Episode 26 - Get more from your running

08 May 2019:We all want to run faster and perform better but it doesn’t happen overnight. Consistency over time is key, and minimising injuries helps you to be more consistent. We also explain how strength and mobility contribute, along with practical tips about running shoes, offroad running, and much more.

Episode 25 - We're back!

01 May 2019:We have been off the air for a while so time to explain why, learn more about the hosts Doug and Gerrard, and find out what’s coming up in future episodes

Episode 24 - Conversations from Ironman Camp

30 Jan 2019: Our recent Ironman camp had lots of conversations around race prep and ll related matters. We wrap up some of those conversations here, including: weightloss amongst peak training, race nutrition and hydration, dealing with nerves and the mental aspect of Ironman.

Episode 23 - Preparing for the Ironman run

23 Jan 2019: Just about everyone slows down on the Ironman run, but those who slow down the least get the best results. The run, just like the ride, requires a smart pacing and nutrition, but it’s also the time that your mental strategies are called on the most. We cover tips for everyone whether you're racing for Kona, or simply to beat the cutoff time.

Episode 22 - Preparing for the Ironman ride

16 Jan 2019: The bike leg is the longest part of an Ironman, and in a lot of cases the most crucial. A well executed ride sets up your run. Nutrition and pacing are the cornerstones of this ride, but there are plenty of other aspects to consider too, depending on whether you are looking to simply complete the event within cutoff times, or perform to your absolute best.

Episode 21 - Preparing for the Ironman swim

09 Jan 2019: Part 1 of 4 episodes preparing you for Ironman. In this episode: the swim. Things that everyone needs to be ready for, and the specific difference between people with different goals for the event - covering everything from those simply trying to complete, though to those aiming to perform amongst the best.

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