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17 October 2018

Sorry folks no podcast this week. Spring camp and other things kept us pretty busy, but we'll back with a new episode next week.

Episode 11 - When will I get Faster?

10 October 2018: We talk about the important things to focus on during October, plus that desire to go faster. But don’t try and be fast all the time, right now. Do the right training at the right time so you hit a true peak for the most important events. Think long term, not short term.

Episode 10 - Triathlon is not "swim" and "bike" and "run"

03 October 2018:  Triathlon is one sport. It’s about integrating swim, bike, and run disciplines - not training them as 3 separate sports. 

Listen in to hear about differences between triathlon and the individual sports. Plus how sessions throughout the week are related to each other - not just in a random order.

Episode 9 - Lessons from an every-day athlete

26 September 2018:  Long time squad member Warren Sue talks about his time in the sport, the ups and down, how to make it work when juggling family and work, and other lessons that have helped him make the sport an ongoing part of his life.

Episode 8 - Slow down to speed up

19 September 2018:  It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking “I don’t have much time to train so I need to train harder”. However that often leads to training in the “gray zone” where you are loading the body with more stress, but not the right stress to actually get faster. Have the courage to slow down and train at the right levels at the right times.

Episode 7 - What's recovery all about?

12 September 2018: It's not about how much training you can DO - it's about how much training you can recover FROM.

Training breaks down the body, and recovery helps it repair and get stronger. Its only with appropriate recovery that you get the benefits of the training.

Episode 6 - Six ways to get faster (without training harder)

05 September 2018: We can get very focused on doing the training day in day out, but there are plenty of things outside of training that will help us lift the performance. We talk about six of those today. 

And remember: small amounts on a regular basis make a real difference. 

Episode 5 - Think and eat like an athlete

29 August 2018: Carrying on the nutrition theme, we talk about: fuelling your training, timing of food, different needs at different stages of training, and ensuring weight-loss goals don't sabotage your training.

Please share some of your nutrition experiences - what's worked for you and what hasn't? Post your comments on our Facebook Page so we can share some of those on the next episode.

Episode 4 - Day to day nutrition

22 August 2018: Nutrition is a huge subject so this is just the beginning point. Attitudes and behaviours are the start point, then day to day nutrition is the foundation for health and performance.

There's lots more to come on the subject of nutrition, so please please head over to our Facebook Page and tell us what you want to hear about.

Episode 3 - Effective Indoor Training

15 August 2018:Choosing your indoor trainer, setting up the environment, using technology, and of course making sure you do specific training - not just mindlessly spinning away

Episode 2 - 4 keys to a successful season

08 August 2018: This week we talk about what's been happening in the team with a 5k TT at Park Run. 

Plus we dive into the 4 keys to a successful season. Obviously one of these is to do your training, but the other 3 are NOT about your training!

Episode 1 - Start your training the right way

04 August 2018: Meet Doug Stark and Gerrard Smith, and find out what this podcast is all about.
Plus practical advice to make sure you start your training in a sustainable way - not getting carried away with excitement too early.