Tawa Pool: Mon & Wed
Keith Spry Pool Johnsonville: Tue & Thu

Tawa Pool

Mon: 6am - 7am
Wed: 6am - 7.15am

Choose to swim one or both sessions per week

Keith Spry Pool Johnsonville

Tue & Thu 6am - 7am: Squad is currently full but use the enquiry form below and join the waitlist

Tue and/or Thu 7am - 8am: Swim one or both of the days

Our Squads are for Everyone

We have 3 lanes to cover a wide range of swimming abilities:

  • Lane 1: Race pace 1:30 - 1:45 per 100m | Cruise pace = 1:40 - 1:55 per 100m
  • Lane 2: Race pace = 1:45 - 2:00 per 100m | Cruise pace = 1:55 - 2:10 per 100m
  • Lane 3: Paces = 2:00+ per 100m

The emphasis in on developing robust technique, skills for the open water, and of course harder race-specific conditioning.

You are ready to join this squad if you can swim 750m (30 lengths) or more in one session, it does not need to be continuous.

Term Dates & Focus

Term 1: 07 Jan - 28 Feb: Race conditioning with harder swim sets and race-specific skills 

Term 2: 18 Mar - 04 Jul: Back to basics with emphasis on technique + video analysis

Term 3: 22 Jul - 27 Sep: Building distance and capacity for harder swimming

Term 4: 14 Oct - 20 Dec: Race conditioning with harder swim sets and race-specific skills


Pricing is based on $10 per 1 hour session (Tawa longer sessions pro-rata'd).
Payment and commitment is required up front for a whole term.
Pool entry fees are additional, and paid directly to the pool.

Gerrard will confirm whether there is space available now, or add you to the waitlist